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Birman Cat Breed

birman cat breeds

Birman Appearance

The Birman is a medium size, strong muscular cat with a gorgeous expression. They are often described as a sacred cat of Burma. This breed may be a distant relative of the similarly patterned Siamese and is one of the first non-Persian longhaired breed to be recognized. His body is well proportioned. The eyes are almost round and deep blue color. They have a roman nose and their ears are medium size and well spaced. Their tail is medium length in proportion to the rest of the body. The weight of the Birman is around 10-18 pounds.

The Birman has a distinctive coat pattern. Their coat is semi-long with soft and silky hair. They have the basic color of the Siamese with darker face, legs and tail contrasting with the pale body. Their tips of their feet are white without white patches elsewhere. The Birman can be seal point, tabby point and tortie tabby point, however today they are also other recognized colors like chocolate, lilac, red and cream point, seal blue, lilac tortie points and all ten colors of tabby point, always with white feet.

Birman Temperament

The Birman is loyal, friendly and reserved. They are very energetic and could play until everybody is exhausted and still demand more. Birmans are generally livelier than Persians and rather more talkative. They have soft voices and only used when want to get your attention or food. The Birman has a wonderful balanced temperament. They are very curious and like to find out what you are doing or about anything that is new.

Is Birman the Right Breed for You?

Birmans make great companions; they are gentle, serene, enjoy being with its family. They like to be peace and quiet and are not suited to boisterous environment. Some Birman have a tendency to turn into a one person cat. They usually get on well with other cats, pets and children. They also get alone well with dog when are not chase by them. Birman have a reputation as picky eaters.

Birman Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Birman is around 15 years.

Birman Health Problems

The Birman is a relatively healthy breed. There are not major concerns associated with them. You may find isolated instances of some conditions (like Cardiomyopathy and renal dysfunction)

Birman Care and Grooming

The Birman soft and semi long hair is relatively low-maintenance. Their single layer coats typically need combed once in a while and the texture is such that the coat rarely becomes matted. Do not use a metal comb on your cat, this can damage his undercoat. Bathing is optional. The Birman cats should not be bathed more often than once every six weeks to keep their skin from drying out. It is recommended for all cats and household pets to have annual vaccinations, veterinary checkups, and a quality diet.  Keep the ears clean and their claws trim.

Birman Shedding

The Birman are average shedder; you'll find hair stuck to your couch, carpets, clothes and everything else in your home, therefore is not best suited for those with allergies.