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American Bobtail Cat Breed

American Bobtail cat breeds

American Bobtail Appearance

The American Bobtail is a medium size muscular cat with smart and alert expression. These breed is relatively new, not too common and very unlikely to found outside United States. The body is stocky with substantial muscle. The head is broad and round with modified wedge. The eyes are large, almond shape with heavy brow. The eye could be any colors depending on the coat color. The ears are medium size and wide at the base. The tail is short, straight and reaching half way above hock. This breed is characterized for different tail sizes, some tails may be shorter or longer, not all tail are the same. The weight of the American Bobtail is around 7-15 pounds.

The American Bobtail coat is semi-long resilient and double.  The topcoat is hard with a downy undercoat that insulates the cat from weather extremes. All colors and patterns are accepted. The most common colors are: fawn and white, blue tabby, red tabby and white

American Bobtail Temperament

The American Bobtail is caring, calm, gentle and athletic cats. They are intelligent and easy to train. They are noted for their dog like personalities and their devotion to their owners. The American Bobtail is very attached to its family and tends to be one person cat. They get alone well with other cats, dogs and household pets. They are good with children but are very shy with estrangers. The American Bobtail is noted for its wild appearance, exceptional temperament and adaptability.

Is American Bobtail the Right Breed for You?

American Bobtails doesn’t require much exercise and is well suited to apartment living. They need your company most of the time and are not recommended to leave them along for any length of time. If you have to work or stay away is better to give them another cat for company or just not to get an American Bobtail at all.

American Bobtail Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the American Bobtail is around 15 or more years.

American Bobtail Health Problems

The American Bobtail is a relatively healthy breed. There major concerns associated with them are hip dysplasia. Bobtail cats that are born without tails are known as “rumpies”. Rumpies are not acceptable for breeding because of health problems associated with a shortened spine.

American Bobtail Care and Grooming

The American Bobtail coat is very easy to maintain. A weekly brushing and combing is recommended to maintain its glossy coat. Do not use a metal comb on your cat, this can damage his undercoat. Bathing is optional. The American Bobtail cats should not be bathed more often than once every ten weeks to keep their skin from drying out.

American Bobtail Shedding

It is recommended for all cats and household pets to have annual vaccinations, veterinary checkups, and a quality diet. Use a special ear cleaner to keep the ear clean and trim off the sharp points of the claws regularly using good clippers.