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The cat is a highly developed complex animal that evolved over 30 million years from the wild creature to the cute companions that we enjoy today.

Any of the cat breeds are an almost perfect designed predator and have played an important role in the ancient religions of some cultures. All cat breeds have been held in high respect all over the world due to their hunting abilities. After the 21st century the cat has increasingly assumed a new role as a companion pet. Today they are considered the most popular pet in the world.

All cat breeds are similar in anatomy to other felines, with muscular, flexible bodies, fast reflexes, sharp protractile claws, and teeth that are adapted to killing small prey. Some of the cat breeds can jump up to five times their own length. They are also great climbers and have exceptional sense of balance. One of the catís unique characteristics is its ability to land on its feed after a fall preventing injury most of the times.

The eyes are one of the cats most beautiful an attractive feature. Most experts believe that all cat breeds are color blind and that color appears meaningless to cats. Cats night vision is up to 50% better than our. They have binocular vision that allows them to focus on an object and judge distance. Their eyes are more sensitive to movement than ours and can detect movement up to around 80 degrees in scope.

As nocturnal predators, all breed of cats use their acute hearing and ability to see in near darkness to locate prey. Cats can detect sounds higher than those detectable by dogs. All cat breeds can also have an excellent sense of smell and taste that are closely linked. Although many of the cat breeds hunt nothing more than fluffy toys or their ownerís shoes, they retain virtually all of the sensory abilities of a wild hunter.

Unlike most humans all cat breeds sleep in fragmented cycles and not all thought the night. The newborn kitten sleeps 60-70% of the time while adult cat levels of sleeps remain at about 40-50%

Most cat breeds are meticulous about grooming their coats. By adopting a grooming routine where the whole coat is approached symmetrically and systematically using its pointed tongue and forepaws, the cat can reach parts that are difficult to reach.

Until recent times there were very few breeds of cat. Those that exist where the result of environmental pressure, heavier coat and larger sizes where cats prey rabbits and smaller sizes where prey consisted of small rodent and birds.

What breed of cat should I get?


Owning any breed of cat can be a much easier choice than owning a dog but your Cat still needs daily attention and is important to recognize the responsibility involved. Some breed of cats need more grooming than others. Some cat breeds need to be combed or brushed on the regular basic and their litter box must be clean at least once a day. The life expectancy of a cat is somewhere between ten and sixteen years, some breed of cats could live considerably longer.

You will also need to consider the expenses of bringing a cat home. They need a proper diet, routine care, pet insurance and regular grooming. Routine care includes keeping them free of fleas and worms, visit the vet at least once a year to get their regular vaccinations. And they also need a good bed, litter box and toys. When go on vacation you will need to find somebody or a boarding place to look after him.

Most cats shed all year round which means that you if you suffer from allergies your condition could be worsening and you will need to spend some time cleaning and vacuuming your house in order to keep it clean and reduce the amount of hair in your furniture and carpet. Most kittens are very playful and like to scratch and break things, they could accidentally ruin your carpet, furniture or any valuables.

Some people chose a cat as a pet because cats can be left alone at home more time than dogs, this could be true because cats donít need to go for a walk and can stay away overnight from now and then. Cats are also more independent than other dogs but sometimes they also need some social contact. If you are not considered to be around too much it is best to have more than one cat so they could keep each other company while you are out.

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